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Introducing our Refillable Car Air Diffuser: Elevate your driving experience by bringing your favourite fragrances along for the ride!


Our refillable car diffuser is your travel-sized companion that allows you to infuse your vehicle with your preferred fragrance. When your fragrance levels are running low, don't worry! Our Reed Diffuser Refills are the perfect solution to replenish your favourite scent (Or change things up and refill with a different fragrance next time!)


Our diffuser comes in a clear glass bottle and a wooden lid, adding a touch of sophistication to your car's interior.


Remove the bung before use, attach the clip, replace the wooden lid and insert the reed sticks. Clip the diffuser onto your car's vent for an efficient and consistent release of fragrance.


Elevate your driving experience with our Refillable Car Diffuser, and let your favorite scents accompany you on the open road.



Choose from:


Cornish Coast: Seaweed, Waterlily, & Driftwood. Sun-kissed skin and salty beach hair- summer scents that conjure the carefree feeling of being by the sea. This fragrance is fresh, clean & invigorating.


Dartmoor Mist: Capturing the freshness of an open breeze, blending crisp earthy notes with sparkling citrus, muguet and cyclamen resting on a base of sun-drenched wood. This fragrance is fresh, ozonic & light


Devon Dusk: With top notes of Bergamot, Lemon and Cinnamon, heart notes of Cedar, Amber, Jasmine, Patchouli & Tobacco, and grounded by base notes of Musk, Sandalwood, Amber and Myrrh. This scent is warm, rich and relaxing.


Tranquility: Lemongrass, Ginger & Patchouli. The lemongrass & ginger shine in this floral and deeply calming spa-like fragrance. This scent is bright, clean, & uplifting.


Vintage Oak: Aromatic vintage cologne notes lead into a heart of warm spices and a hint of cognac. Smokey woods of oak, ebony and incense combine with dark musks to complete this fragrance. This fragrance is warm, full-bodied and comforting.

Refillable Car Air Diffuser 5ml

  • Fragrance Oils, Vegan friendly diffuser base oil.

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